The Last Green Valley Quiz

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Here are some of our previous quiz questions, answers, and winners:

November: In what Last Green Valley town can you find a section of town that was once called Elliot? Answer: Pomfret. Winner: Jean P.

October: How long has The Last Green Valley been doing walks in October? What was it first called? Answer: 26 years, Walking Weekend. Winner Rick L.

September: What is the name celebration that has taken place on the Charlton, MA, Town Common every Labor Day since 1896? Answer: Old Home Day. Winner:  Jocelyn M.

August: Where would you be in The Last Green Valley if you took a hike to a place where you could be in three states at the same time? Answer: Tri-State Marker. Winner: Phyllis K.

July: Who was elected as the first president of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation? Answer: Samuel Huntington.  Winner:  Marvin G.

June: What is the name of the person that, in 1771, built the building that is now known as The Publick House? What was the original name of the building? Answer: Ebenezer Craft, “The Elms.”  Winner:  Brian Z.

May: Who in The Last Green Valley was the considered “Paul Bunyan of New England” and lived in Voluntown, CT?  Answer: Elmer Bitgood.  Winner: Susan R.

April: By what other name is Lake Wamgumbaug known? Answer: Coventry Lake.  Winner: Nate G.

March: What is the name of the person in Northeastern CT that died from a wagon accident in October 1884 and was buried with Dolly, his horse? Answer:  Rufus Malbone. Winner: Maureen P.

February: In what town can you find frogs sitting on top of a thread spool? Answer: Willimantic, CT.  Winner: Rob G.

January: Learning the art of dentistry from her husband in the 1800s in Killingly, who became the first woman dentist in America? Answer: Emeline Roberts Jones.  Winner: Penny T.