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The Last Green Valley’s April Acorn Adventure — RESCHEDULED FOR APRIL 22!


Join The Last Green Valley, April 22, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., at West Thompson Dam to do some solar observations.

Spend some time with Geoff McLean, a volunteer TLGV Ranger and NASA Solar System Ambassador, examining our closest star. We will view the Sun in normal light looking for currently elusive sun spots and also in the Hydrogen Alpha spectrum where you can see flares, prominences, Ellerman bombs, and other phenomena.

Geoff will speak on safety concerning solar viewing, the life of our star, what it does, how it compares to other stars, and how it will end. What is Earth’s future going to be like?  If there are sunspots (and the sun is currently at its sunspot minimum) make a drawing of it and learn about Greenwich Mean Time and Universal Time as well as latitude and longitude — i.e. where you are on the Earth.  We’ll also talk about NASA’s solar projects and space telescopes.

Acorn Adventures are Sponsored by Putnam Bank. Call Fran at 860-774-3300 or email fran@tlgv.org for more information.