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Online Forum: Guess Why I Smile a Lot? How Media Figures in “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” with Paulette Richards, María Andreotti, and Becky van Cleve

October 27 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, which began as a viral video phenomenon and became a full-length feature film about the beloved shell’s adventures in 2022, blurs the boundaries between puppetry, stop-motion, and 2D animation. This conversation, moderated by Atlanta-based teaching artist and independent researcher Dr.Paulette Richards (co-curator of the Ballard Institute’s acclaimed 2019 exhibition Living Objects: African American Puppetry), with Becky van Cleve, Head of Puppet Fabrication, and María Andreotti, Puppet Coordinator/Fabricator for the Marcel the Shell with Shoes On feature film will therefore outline the intricacy of the film’s production process, review the different types of puppets involved in the production, comment on how targeting an adult audience influenced the design of the puppets and sets, and reflect on how the nature of material performance highlights humans’ relationship to “vibrant matter.” This forum is co-sponsored by the UConn Art and Art History Department.

via Ballard Institute Facebook Live and Zoom

Co-sponsored by the UConn Art and Art History Department

For more information: bimp.uconn.edu/2022/10/19/marcel-forum