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The War in Ukraine: One Year Later

March 9 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

As Russia’s large-scale war against Ukraine is approaching a one-year mark, many wonder what’s next. With millions of Ukrainians displaced and thousands killed or wounded, Ukrainians continue to endure bombardments of schools, hospitals, residential buildings, and power plants. The Ukrainian people’s fierce resistance and tenacity have amazed and inspired many around the world. The horrors of Russia’s innumerable war crimes have made Ukraine the largest war crime scene since WWII. The transatlantic unity in stepping up military, humanitarian, and economic aid for Ukraine has been critical in helping Ukraine push the Russians back. But as both Russia and Ukraine are preparing for major offensives, the war may turn even more bloody. What did 2022 teach us, and where will the war go from there?

To register and receive the Zoom link, register online. This program is hosted by the Mystic & Noank Library and co-sponsored by the Groton Public Library, Otis Library, and Stonington Free Library