Acorn Adventure: Sun & Moon

 3/21/2021 @ 2:00 pm

The Spring Equinox brings with it a delightful coincidence of the Sun and Moon being in the sky at the same time.  Join Lead Night Sky Rangers Kim and Geoff for an afternoon viewing of Both celestial objects.  The Sun is wakening from it’s 11 year low of sunspot activity, so hopefully it will be more active than in the past couple of years.  We will have a visual light scope and a special hydrogen alpha telescope that allows us to see the flares, prominences, Ellerman Bombs, etc. Besides viewing the sun in the two very different telescopes we will talk about what and how the Sun is creating the light and warmth that we feel as well as it’s life cycle.  We’ll also examine the Moon’s cratered surface in high power and discuss why we sometimes see it and the Sun in the same daytime sky.


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West Thompson Dam, North Grosvenor Dale, CT, USA

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Especially For Families with Chiildren, No Dogs, Registration Required. Masks Required.

 4:00 pm

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