Life in the Connecticut Woods between 1670 and 1739

 10/22/2023 @ 1:00 pm

Learn about Algonkian Living History. Examine the ways in which the lives of European settlers making their way inland from the coast and their Native American neighbors began to change during the wild days of the Connecticut frontier. Contrast trade artifacts such as axes, a flintlock musket, metal knives, blankets, jewelry (glass beads and earrings), clay pipes and metal scraps with traditional items made from stone, bone, wood and shell. Learn the social, spiritual and economic importance of wampum and its role in relations between settlers and Natives. A practical black powder demonstration with discussion of the importance and technological evolution of firearms is included in this program, venue permitting. Other practical demonstrations suggested include: red smithing, simple black smithing, or making wampum. Sponsored by Columbia Historical Society, columbia-history.org


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Yeomans Hall, 323 Rt.. 87, Columbia, CT

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Restrooms Nearby, No Dogs, Especially For Families With Children

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