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Chillaxing in the Field

Farm Adventure Series

The Last Green Valley is offering a series of five farm programs this spring to give middle school aged children a chance to get dirty while learning where their food comes from. They’ll get to see the inner workings of local farms in a small group setting and roll up their sleeves with hands on activities. Each farm experience will show the kids different skills needed to run the diverse array of farms today. Each program is $10 per child. Every child must be accompanied by an adult. Adult admission is free. If you have multiple children who would like to attend, please contact us at 860-774-3300. While the programs are geared to middle school students, children on the cusp are welcome, just let us know. Registration is limited and required.


Unbound Glory Farm – Digging in the Dirt

10 am to 12 pm, April 16, 294 Hampton Rd., Pomfret Center, CT 06259

There’s an entire ecosystem at work in the dirt beneath our feet, and the busier it is, the healthier the soil is. At Unbound Glory the health of the soil is the most important piece of their regenerative farming practices. You’ll learn how the crops they grow, and the way they grow them creates healthy soil, tasty food and a healthier planet. Roll up your sleeves to join the farmer and see how even in New England a farmer can grow year-round powered only by the sun, taste some of the early spring crops and understand how regenerative farming is different from conventional and organic practices.

Killingly High School — Hydroponics How To

10 am to 12 pm, April 30, 226 Putnam Pike, Dayville, CT 06241

Join the Killingly High School’s Agricultural Leadership Program, FFA, to see hydroponics at work, how the students grow crops without soil and with less water. You’ll see what the right mix of oxygen, nutrients and light can do for a plant and how to determine what is vital to each crop.

Fairholm Farm — The 21st Century Cow

New date and time: 1 - 3 pm, May 7, 80 Chandler School Rd., Woodstock, CT 06281

At Fairholm Farm the cows milk themselves, whenever they feel like it. Running a modern dairy farm is a high tech operation and Fairholm Farm is using that technology to farm smarter. Learn about the process of getting milk to your table and about the other products produced on the farm during this behind-the-scenes program. You’ll meet some of our animals and learn about what it takes to keep them healthy and happy, getting a hands-on experience in preparing their food.

Morning Beckons Farm — Amazing Alpacas

10 am to 12 pm, May 21, 343A Sand Dam Rd., Thompson, CT 06277

Alpacas are smart and observant, and their coats make one of the most versatile fibers on Earth! Help one of the largest alpaca farms in New England sheer some of their herd and start the process of turning the coat into a sweater. You’ll also see what it takes to keep the herd happy and healthy.

Woodstock Sustainable Farms — Eggcellent Farming

10 am to 12 pm, May 28, 211 Pulpit Rock Rd., Woodstock, CT 06281

Eggs are an important and tasty food for many people, but how do those eggs get from the chicken to your kitchen? Woodstock Sustainable Farms will show you how the eggs are collected, graded and prepared for market in a way that makes the whole process more sustainable for the farm and the planet. You’ll also see how technology is helping Woodstock Sustainable Farms produce all of its food in an environmentally conscious way.