Watershed Protection

Did You Know?

The Thames River Watershed contains 1,478 square miles and is the third largest land area draining into Long Island Sound.  All 35 towns in The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor are located within the Thames River Watershed. Explore a Thames River Watershed Map.

Become a Water Quality Monitoring Volunteer

Water quality volunteersWe're always looking for volunteers to help monitor the health of our waterways. Together we can identify, track, and correct problems that might otherwise go undetected.  Learn more about our program.


Protect Water Quality

protect the water qualityMany of our daily activities contribute to water pollution. When rain water (or snow melt) washes over roads, parking lots, lawns, and sidewalks, it picks up oil, trash, soil, excess fertilizer and pet waste, and carries those pollutants directly to our waterways.   It all adds up!  Help keep our Last Green Valley water clean by learning how to prevent water pollution from your home and yard.


Explore the Water Trail System

Confluence_Quinebaug-and-ShetucketThe Last Green Valley is home to miles of enjoyable paddling on our major rivers and many lakes.  Most trips have a remote, wilderness feel that is unequaled in southern New England.  Get away from it all on the water - visit our Paddling page to explore the Quinebaug, Willimantic , and Shetucket River National Recreation Water Trails and more!


Hey Kids!

Hey-kidsWhat exactly is a watershed?  What is your watershed address? Where does all the rain water go, rushing down your street after a storm? How does walking your dog impact the health of fish in a nearby stream? Find out with an activity booklet just for you: Connecting the Drops -Exploring Long Island Sound's Watersheds


Thames River Basin Partnership

Thames River WatershedThe Thames River Basin Partnership (TRBP) is a voluntary, cooperative effort to share resources and strives to develop a regional approach to resource protection.  The Partnership is made up of dozens of agencies, organizations, municipalities, educational institutions, companies, and individuals interested in the environmental health of the Thames River basin. TRBP has a new website - click here to access.

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