The Last Valley Quiz

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Here are some of our previous quiz questions, answers, and winners:

June: Name the two brothers from Lebanon - Franklin area that came from a family of “bone-setters” although neither had any medical experience and practiced in both Hartford, CT and Springfield, MA in the 1800s. Answer: Drs. Stephen & Charles Sweet. Winners: Brad and Leonie H.

May: What is the name of the watershed that contains 1,478 square miles and is the third largest land area draining into Long Island Sound? Answer: Thames River Watershed. Winner: Diane M.

April: This general manager of the Willimantic Linen Company “invented” the coffee break as a way to give children working in the mill a break of juice and a muffin to increase productivity. Answer: William Barrows. Winner: Linda Kirispuu from Dayville, CT.

March: What hardwood tree’s sap is used to produce syrup? Answer: Sugar maple. Winner: Sister Irene from Baltic, CT.

February: Name one of the five National Historic Landmarks located within The Last Green Valley. Answer:  Henry C. Bowen House (Roseland Cottage), Prudence Crandall House, Samuel Huntington Birthplace, John Trumbull Birthplace, William Williams House. Winner: Jody L. from Hebron, CT.

January: January is a very busy month for eagles in The Last Green Valley. How many eagles were sighted during The Last Green Valley's Eagle Count in of January 2020? Answer: 27 (21 adults, 6 juveniles). Winner: Many guesses, but no correct answers.