The Last Green Valley Quiz

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Here are some of our previous quiz questions, answers, and winners:

January: January is a very busy month for eagles in The Last Green Valley. How many eagles were sighted during The Last Green Valley’s Eagle Count of January 2020? Answer: 27 (21 adults, 6 juveniles). Winner: Lots of guesses but no correct answers.

December: This animal is often present anywhere there is a yearlong source of water and its most distinctive feature is its paddle shaped tail. Answer: Beaver. Winner: Maya B. from West Hartford, CT.

November: In what town in The Last Green Valley did Dr. Rev. Samuel Nott serve his parishioners for 72 years? Answer: Franklin, CT. Winner: Ross H. from Brooklyn, CT.

October: What was the name of the woman from Putnam that was jailed in Washington DC for picketing the White House in 1917? Answer: Dorothy Bartlett. Winner: Mike W. from West Simsbury, CT.

September: What large shrub is Connecticut’s state flower? Answer: Mountain Laurel. Winner: Ali M. from Dayville, CT.

August: What moth is often mistaken for a bird because of its body size? Answer: Hummingbird moth. Winner: Sharon C. from Cheshire, CT.

July: What reptile hibernates at the bottom of ponds in winter and sheds its outer layer of shell in summer? Answer: Painted Turtle. Winner: John L. from MA.

June: What flying mammal is responsible for devouring 600 mosquitoes an hour? Answer: Bat. Winner: Robin L.

May: What insect, part of the wasp family, extracts nectar from plants and is essential in pollinating plants in The Last Green Valley and beyond?  Answer: Bee. Winner: Lynette M. from MA.

April: Have you ever heard of an animal called the whistle pig? What is its common name? Answer: Woodchuck or groundhog. Winner: Multiple winners selected!

March: What is the name of the nocturnal animal that was first reported in CT in the 1950s? The best identifying features are the black V-shaped shoulder harness and a bushy black-tipped tail. It can be heard on quiet nights in late fall and winter. Answer: Eastern coyote. Winner: Theresa V. from Pomfret, CT.

February: In what town in The Last Green Valley is the Union Society Building located? Answer: Eastford, CT. Winner: Elizabeth L. from Oakdale, NY.

January: Where in The Last Green Valley can you enter in a lottery to get a permit to rent a 3-acre island in the middle of a lake? Answer: USACE at Buffumville Lake. No one answered correctly.