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Here are some of our previous quiz questions, answers, and winners:

December: Why was train service discontinued on what is now the Air Line State Park Trail? Answer: The flood of 1955 or Hurricane Diane. Winner: John O. from Danielson, CT.

November: Where in Massachusetts is Carbuncle Pond located? Answer: Oxford. Winner: Daniel R. from Old Lyme, CT.

October: How many types of bats are found in Connecticut? Answer: Nine. Winner: Lorrie R. from Hampton, CT.

September: In 1745, according to folklore, who was the first person executed in Connecticut? Answer: Elizabeth Shaw. Winner: Margaret K. from Amston, CT.

August: Elmer Bitgood was considered the “Paul Bunyan of New England”. What town was he from? Answer: Voluntown. Winner: Salem S. from Mansfield, CT.

July: This mammal is the only one that can fly without assistance. Answer: Bat. Winner: Graeme S. from Newport, RI.

June: This historian had her two-volume History of Windham County published in Worcester, MA, in 1874 and 1880 and paid for the publication herself. Answer: Ellen Larned. Winner: Tami B. from Columbia, CT.

May: Walter Dropo, a Red Sox American League Rookie of the Year, came from what Last Green Valley Town? Answer: Plainfield (Moosup), CT. Winner: Terri M. from Webster, MA.

April: This highly specialized plant only grows in acidic soil habitats that have a particular fungus below the soil. It has a very distinctive shape. Answer: The pink lady’s slipper. Winner: JoAnn D. from Mansfield, CT.

March: This bird is one of the first birds to migrate north in the Spring and has a distinguishing color on it wings. Answer: Red-winged blackbird. Winner: Leah L. from Charlton, MA.

February: What was the famous quote allegedly spoken by Nathan Hale? Answer: “I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” Winner: Emily S. from Bozrah, CT.

January: Who was the former US Commissioner of Education from 1889-1906 that is buried in the Aspinock Cemetery? Answer: William Torrey Harris. Winner: Rebecca R. from West Hartford, CT.