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Here are some of our previous quiz questions, answers, and winners:

December: Gertrude Chandler Warner, a local teacher, wrote what series of children’s books? Answer: The Box Car Children. Winner: Wendy G. from Troy, NY.

November: Name one of the five National Historic Landmarks located in The Last Green Valley. Answer: Henry C. Bowen House (Roseland Cottage), Prudence Crandall House Museum, Samuel Huntington Birthplace, Jonathan Trumbull Birthplace, William Williams House. Winner: Ellen B. from Redgranite, WI.

October: What tree is the only deciduous conifer to shed its needles in the fall? Answer: Tamarack tree or American larch. Winner: Denise R. from Willimantic, CT.

September: What historic building in The Last Green Valley was added to National Register of Historic Places in 2022? Answer: Burnham Tavern in Lisbon. Winner: Tracy L. from Riverside, RI.

August: Before they get their bright red colors, this bug starts out life as larvae, cruising around on plants and feasting on up to 40 aphids per hour. What bug am I? Answer: Lady bug. Winner: Sibylle S. from Lebanon.

July: Which plant is extremely important to the larval stage of development in the monarch butterfly and one can often find the yellow, black and white caterpillar munching the leaves of this plant in the summer. Answer: Milkweed. Winner: Elizabeth W. from Holden, MA.

June: Who was the first settler in 1700 to inhabit the southern section of Windham and name it Scotland after his ancestral home?Answer: Isaac Magoon. Winner: We had 5 winners this month!

May: What “bug” looks like a tiny yellowjacket without a stinger. They feed on pollen and nectar and are extremely important pollinators. Answer: The hoverfly. Winner: Sarah M. from Southbridge, MA.

April: What is the name of a low area of land that collects water on a temporary basis, with no above ground outlet for water and is extremely important to the life cycle of amphibians? Answer: Vernal pool. Winner: Denise P. from Lebanon, CT.

March: Name the bird that has been around for close to 14 million years and is one of the tallest birds. Answer: Great Blue Heron. Winner: Jane A. from Dayville, CT.

February: Which Norwich war hero from the War of 1812 and Naval Captain designed the modern American flag in 1818? Answer: Captain Samuel Chester Reid. Winner: Paul. W. from New Fairfield, CT.

January: Which two brothers in 1880 donated a former orphanage, barns and 170 acres of land to the State of Connecticut to construct a school? Answer: Charles and Augustus Storrs. Winner: Michelle B. from Brookfield, MA.

December: Which president signed legislation in 1994 to create the Quinebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor which later became The Last Green Valley Heritage Corridor? Answer: Bill Clinton. Winner: Ann B. from North Grosvenordale, CT.