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Magic Show

February 23 @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

A laughter-filled comedy magic show that the entire family will enjoy. Children and adults take part in the show as volunteers to help create the “MAGIC.” Watch in amazement as a “LIVE DOVE” and a “LIVE RABBIT” make their magical appearances.

The show is 45 minutes in duration.

Each child will receive a complimentary magic wand to take home!

Hitchcock will also offer a themed craft to follow.

Register at: https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001D04paVMNDLfud7sfshuhSZizNHIksDUEtm-mhAQsS7kGtDUlQaqqvKijkosokpBOMoW9nJks71kukMDzAO_Kmd-FHCOet2vSrCU3Qmli00wAhBE5H-GE4FG2pWPw3XBHVkcPNKozG65wPdOVwt50Q1MVKR__StWJQ5AFWh8I8ITm3R4SpGhoA3ODstJzYUldB_pmgNjm9T4=&c=qetH-6s8z8E6b3ZOwKABTdy0f4kUSHRTI8VotYpTufyeSSlgyQhNjA==&ch=0yJyNcyKK6GS28rbBicTWWuXHbEbJGqmP3LQBQbmQeeqhwjdU5JUhw==


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