Follow the Trail with Bill Reid,
The Last Green Valley's Chief Ranger

June is “Busting Out All Over” With Outdoor Opportunities

May 28, 2019

We’re on the cusp of June, and before you know it the summer solstice will arrive with the warmth and heat of the season. If you’re looking to get outdoors and experience countless and diverse locations in The Last Green Valley for enjoying nature, here […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Black fly a springtime winged tormentor

May 19, 2019

“The sun always crosses the line on time, but the seasons which he makes are by no means so punctual; they loiter, or they hasten, and the spring tokens are 3 or 4 weeks earlier or later some season than others.” — John Burroughs from “Spring […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Volunteers with noble purpose help monitor fishable streams

May 12, 2019

What do three types of mayfly, four types of stonefly and five types of caddisfly have in common? Each of these micro-invertebrates begins their life in water. Each of these species is also sensitive to water pollution, and therefore serve as an indicator of the […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: In May, it’s easy to see all things are possible

May 5, 2019

“The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.“ Edwin Way Teale It seems as if a switch turned on, or perhaps it was due to the night of soft rain, but the morning of April 14 I remarked to my […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: The brown-headed cowbird is a parasite with wings

April 28, 2019

Bird nesting season has arrived. Migratory birds have returned and, along with our year-round birds, are actively seeking nesting territories, attracting mates, building nests, laying eggs and rearing young. Every bird builds a nest characteristic of its species. Bald eagle nests are built of large […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Museums help preserve the region’s story

April 14, 2019

Too often, we don’t recognize the treasures in our own backyards. Living in The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor means there is a rich array of both natural and cultural resources within reach. When thinking of a museum to visit, we often go to […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Land trusts are crucial to conservation

April 10, 2019

I spent March 23 at Wesleyan University in Middletown with more than 550 other people for the Connecticut Land Conservation Council’s annual conference. Gathered at the conference for training and workshops on the myriad issues facing conservationists were landowners, students, educators, municipal commission members, land […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: New life and promise awaken as nature does this spring

March 31, 2019

“On this chill uncertain spring morning, towards twilight, I have heard the first frog quaver from the marsh. It always seems to me that no sooner do I hear the first frog trill that I find the first cloud of frog’s eggs in a wayside […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Don’t forget the guide book for exploring the region

March 24, 2019

“The truth of the matter is, the birds could very well live without us, but many – perhaps all – of us would find life incomplete, indeed almost intolerable without the birds.” – Roger Tory Peterson Last week, a reader called me looking for suggestions […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Time to Spring Outdoors

March 17, 2019

“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature – the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” — Rachael Carson, “The Sense of Wonder” Winter waited until March 4 – more than 60 days after the winter solstice – […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Exploring Old Furnace State Park worth the trip

March 10, 2019

Old Furnace State Park in Danielson is only 12 miles from my house, so we frequently visit on those spur-of-the-moment mornings when someone says, “hey let’s go for a hike somewhere.” Winter is a great time of year to hike in our state forests and […]


Sights, sounds announce impending arrival of spring

March 7, 2019

Exploring The Last Green Valley, Sunday, March 3, 2019 “No winter lasts forever, so spring skips its turn.” — Hal Borland Welcome to March, when days are longer, the sun suddenly feels warm on your face, and spring will finally arrive in just a few […]