Follow the Trail with Bill Reid,
The Last Green Valley's Chief Ranger

Taste autumn at local orchards

November 12, 2019

We’re lucky to live in New England where the seasons announce themselves in ways that tantalize all the senses and remind us how special this place is. Last month, the colors of our forested hillsides bedazzled our eyes and as October creeped toward November the […]


Daylight savings time is the true winter predictor

November 4, 2019

Did you remember to set your clocks back Saturday night for this morning and the end of 2019′s daylight savings time? I stick to the old adage fall back and spring forward to remember how to set the clock for the biannual time change. For […]


From Hunters to Blood, there’s nothing quite like a full moon

October 28, 2019

Did you see the full moon Oct. 13? The sky was clear, and the moon was not obscured behind clouds that evening. The fields and woods around the house were lit up so much the stars were partly obscured by the bright night sky. We […]


5 years of adventures, visits and renewing childhood fascinations

October 21, 2019

It was five years ago this month, on Oct. 5, 2014 to be exact, that my weekly column first appeared in The Bulletin. My former colleague, Charlene Perkins Cutler, had written this column for more than 15 years. When she left TLGV to take the […]


Enjoying a Walktober paddle on the beautiful Quinebaug River

October 14, 2019

Last Sunday, I led a Walktober paddle on the Quinebaug River National Recreation Water Trail with my colleague, Lois Bruinooge, and eight other intrepid kayakers. We paddled the very first section of the Quinebaug water trail from Holland Pond (also known as Siog Pond) in […]


Visit the many farm and community festivals close to home

October 7, 2019

“The Earth’s distances invite the eye. And as the eye reaches, so must the mind stretch to meet these new horizons. I challenge anyone to stand with autumn on a hilltop and fail to see a new expanse not only around him, but in him, […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Hike to Breakneck Pond like visiting home of old friend

September 30, 2019

In my capacity as chief ranger of The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor, I have maintained a tradition for the past several years of leading a hike or paddle on the first day of each season. We have enjoyed winter solstice snowshoe treks, vernal […]


The Air Line Trail State Park: A recreation resource to be explored

September 23, 2019

Last year my wife and I purchased new bicycles. We purchased multi-use bikes with wider tires than the narrow tires for biking on roads. Our plan was to explore the rail trails throughout New England and The Last Green Valley. Our first stop was the […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Walktober nears as Autumnal Equinox does

September 15, 2019

Welcome to the last week of summer. Sorry, but someone had to break it to you. The Autumnal Equinox in our Northern Hemisphere is Sept. 23 at exactly 3:50 a.m. in Eastern Connecticut. On that day, the sunrise and sunset are 12 hours apart. The […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: Mighty oak has glorious past, perilous present, hopeful future

September 9, 2019

“Since the glaciers last retreated and since humans began to build and settle down, there have been but two versions of the world: the world made of wood and the world made with coal and oil. One lasted twelve to fifteen millennia; the other has […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: This is ‘empty nest’ time for us and the birds

September 1, 2019

Two weeks ago, my colleague took her youngest child to college thereby joining the “empty nest” club. My youngest left the nest more than 15 years ago, but I still remember the jumbled feelings of hope and pride mixed with a tinge of sadness. For […]


Exploring The Last Green Valley: General Lyon’s birthplace and burial along Natchaug Trail

August 25, 2019

It was during a Walktober event led by State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni that I first learned about General Nathaniel Lyon of Eastford. Bellantoni took us along the Natchaug Trail in the Natchaug Forest to Nathaniel Lyon Memorial Park and the remains of Lyon’s birthplace home […]