a. TLGV’s Letterboxing Trail

 All Spring Outdoors Sunrise - Sunset

Put your letterboxing skills to the test – or start letterboxing for the first time – and follow the clues on TLGV’s letterboxing trail. There are numerous TLGV letterboxes hidden throughout The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor. Some you can stroll to and others you’ll hike to. Find 4 of the letterboxes, take a photo of your journal with the letterbox stamp in it and we’ll send you TLGV’s new patch – available only to those who complete the mission. Need a letterboxing journal? Let us know. We will mail you one or you come get it from us! To participate you can find all of the clues on our website, thelastgreenvalley.org. Sponsored by The Last Green Valley and McLean Research, thelastgreenvalley.org


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Throughout The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor
Easy, Moderate

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