The Last Green Valley Awards Grants

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The Last Green Valley Awards Grants

The Last Green Valley Awards Grants

The Last Green Valley, Inc. (TLGV) is pleased to announce that it has awarded small grants to five organizations for the marketing and interpretation of historic and cultural resources in the National Heritage Corridor. The grant program encourages projects that use digital technology and other creative and innovative methods to tell stories from the past that matter.

The Killingly Historical and Genealogical Society will receive a $1,950 grant to purchase a scanner and a VHS to DVD recorder for digitizing books and tapes to preserve the information they contain for future generations.

The Town of Coventry will receive a grant of $956 for printing and sharing a collection of historic photos given to the Town. A campaign to assist in identifying some of the photos as well as the creation of digital and hard copy photo books and poster boards is also part of the project.

The Finnish American Heritage Society was awarded a $2,500 grant for the design and replacement of their Heritage Society sign and for adding professional labels to the museum and archival items. This will give the Finnish American Heritage Society greater visibility to the public.

The Norwich Historical Society will receive a grant of $2,500 to complete the Norwich Freedom Trail and the Millionaires’ Triangle, both key elements of Walk Norwich, a historic and cultural walking tour of Norwich. This project will use digital technology to bring the stories of Norwich’s rich heritage and cultural sites to life by bringing awareness and appreciation of the community to visitors.

The Governor Samuel Huntington Trust will receive a $760 grant to create a period-correct sign to display outside of the Huntington Homestead. The sign will also assist visitors by displaying the Homestead’s hours of operation.

The grant program requires that recipients provide a 1:1 match to the award with in-kind services or dollars, and all projects must be completed within a year.

The Last Green Valley is a National Heritage Corridor – the last stretch of dark night sky in the coastal sprawl between Boston and Washington, D.C.  The Last Green Valley, Inc. works for you in the National Heritage Corridor. We help you to care for it, enjoy it and pass it on.

See more historical & cultural news on The Last Green Valley’s website.


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