TLGV Awards $12,000 in Historic Preservation Grants

The Last Green Valley, Inc. (TLGV) recently awarded $12,000 in grants to four local organizations to preserve, protect, … [Read more...]

Visit the many farm and community festivals close to home

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Exploring The Last Green Valley: Hike to Breakneck Pond like visiting home of old friend

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The Air Line Trail State Park: A recreation resource to be explored

Last year my wife and I purchased new bicycles. We purchased multi-use bikes with wider tires than the narrow tires for … [Read more...]

Exploring The Last Green Valley: Walktober nears as Autumnal Equinox does

Welcome to the last week of summer. Sorry, but someone had to break it to you. The Autumnal Equinox in our Northern … [Read more...]

Exploring The Last Green Valley: Mighty oak has glorious past, perilous present, hopeful future

“Since the glaciers last retreated and since humans began to build and settle down, there have been but two versions of … [Read more...]

Help Improve Water Quality in The Last Green Valley

Join The Last Green Valley’s Water Quality Monitoring team and become a citizen scientist. Jean Pillo, Water Quality … [Read more...]

Exploring The Last Green Valley: This is ‘empty nest’ time for us and the birds

Two weeks ago, my colleague took her youngest child to college thereby joining the “empty nest” club. My youngest left … [Read more...]

Exploring The Last Green Valley: General Lyon’s birthplace and burial along Natchaug Trail

It was during a Walktober event led by State Archaeologist Nicholas Bellantoni that I first learned about General … [Read more...]

Exploring The Last Green Valley: Luna moth a recognizable, beautiful creature

A few weeks ago, I discovered a large, bright green caterpillar in the yard. It was the size of my thumb with small dark … [Read more...]