Learn About Light Pollution

The Last Grre Valley At Night

Learn About Light Pollution

Join TLGV’s Lead Night Sky Rangers Geoff and Kim McLean for Light Pollution 201 on Zoom March 16 at 6 pm. Light Pollution 201 discusses the impacts of the excessive use or inappropriate use of lighting outside areas at night.  We cover how it affects nocturnal animals — predators, prey and human beings.  Light pollution has been linked to an increase in certain cancers and mental problems.  Inappropriate lighting can actually make things more dangerous and less secure.  You’ll get a better understanding of Light Pollution and inexpensive and money savings ways to reduce or eliminate light pollution. To register please fill out the form at this link. You will receive an email with all the zoom information. If you do not, first check your spam folder and then email fran@tlgv.org.


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