Explore! Outdoor, Indoor, and Around Town Adventures

Explore! Outdoor, Indoor, and Around Town Adventures

Are you a modern day Explorer? You can be! Discover the natural beauty of The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor in the all new Explore!, a comprehensive Guide to Outdoor, Indoor, and Around Town Adventures. Find wonder in the waterfalls, the fishing holes, the hilltops, and the farms. Hear stories from the past, sip wine in a vineyard, shop til you drop, and savor local foods. Kayak, backpack, pick an apple, or carve a pumpkin. Choose farm fresh food, photograph bald eagles in flight, or gaze at the stars. Delve into every inch of The Last Green Valley.  Click here for the online pdf version of Explore!

Explore! is loaded with nearby places to visit for hiking, strolling, biking, paddling, swimming, learning, shopping and lots more. Explore! helps you slip more fun into each day than ever before. Invite your family and friends, take a breath, be prepared to smile, and start your adventure in The Last Green Valley. Explore! and Explore! often.  Download Explore! or call TLGV today at 860-774-3300 for your complimentary copy, or find it in information kiosks throughout The Last Green Valley.


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