Our Top 10 Lists

of fun things to do in

The Last Green Valley

Looking for fun things to do? Click on a button and plan to have a great time in The Last Green Valley.

Fun things to do Views

#1 Astronomy/Night Sky Views & Scenic Overlooks/Views

The horizons of The Last Green Valley serve up a constellation of fun things to do and see whether the sun is coming up or going down.

  1. Look, listen and learn with TLGV Rangers Geoff & Kim during their Dark Sky programs!
  2. UConn’s Horsebarn Hill offers 2 stunning views, from forests & animals to bustling college life from atop the hill!
  3. Borrow a telescope! Southbridge’s Jacob Edwards, Dudley’s Pearle, & Webster’s Corbin libraries all have telescopes and materials to lend!
  4. Get lulled by the photogenic Cargill Falls in Putnam!
  5. Dally in peace & tranquility on the Roseland Park gazebo at the end of the dock!
  6. Step out into your own back yard – look up into the dark night!
  7. Take an eye-opening, star-filled night hike with Friends of Sturbridge Trails (FrOST)!
  8. Wolf Rock Nature Preserve, Mansfield’s most spectacular landmark. will have you howling with delight!
  9. Follow in Edwin Way Teale’s footsteps under a guided full moon hike at Trail Wood!
  10.  Goodwin Forest’s sunsets include reflections on Pine Acres Lake!

Fun things to do Camping

#2 Camping

Connect to nature in The Last Green Valley while pitching a tent or watching for bats by the campfire, just a few fun things to do while camping.

  1. Hot dog cooking family time at Charlie Brown Campground along the Natchaug River!
  2. Buffumville Lake offers island primitive camping!
  3. Getting away was never so close. Connecticut Camping has all your choices!
  4. Wooded camp sites beckon you at Hopeville Pond State Park!
  5. Modern facilities in a natural forest at Scotland’s Highland Campground!
  6. Yurt it up at Wells State Park in!
  7. Stay tuned as NOW works to offer youth camping!
  8. Experience wonder with youth camping at the Quaddick State Forest!
  9. WT4H is Windham-Tolland 4-H Camp, a youth summer camp!
  10. Tranquility in a managed forest. Escape to Wallis Cove Cabins!

Fun things to do Farms

#3 Farms/Orchards/Nurseries

Gobble up fun as you mooooove around The Last Green Valley visiting our farms with such a variety or products, events and tons of fun things to do.

  1. Gobble up some local delights at Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm!
  2. Woodstock Sustainable Farm works their land responsibly. Attend an event to enjoy!
  3. Alpaca shearing contest! Morning Beckons Farm invites you to come & cheer!
  4. CSA! Sign up for fresh picked weekly with Palazzi Orchard!
  5. Smiling pansy faces are just the beginning of irresistible at Hart’s Greenhouses!
  6. Farm Camp fun awaits the kiddos at Devon Point Farm!
  7. Sink your teeth into fresh & local Blackmer Farm Best corn EVER!
  8. Take a tour; meet a cow at one of The Farmer’s Cow farms!
  9. Get blue fingers picking fresh berries at Lapsley Orchard!
  10. Hit multiple farms in one stop at the Northeast CT Farmers Market!

Fun things to do Hiking

#4 Hiking/Walking/Strolling

For all levels of abilities, there are fun things to do and find along the trails in The Last Green Valley.

  1. Spring Outdoors from March 20 through June 21 with tons of guided walks, paddles, events & more!
  2. Any of the 50 miles the Air Line Trail offers The Last Green Valley is worth stepping on!
  3. Bird watchers! Flock to Wyndham Land Trust’s Duck Marsh Preserve!
  4. Get to Goodwin Forest, in the midst of a rich trails region, with interesting programs to boot!
  5. Walk to the Wolf Den & sit on the Indian Chair as you enjoy Mashamoquet!
  6. Mount Misery is certainly not. These 3 miles in Pachaug is anything but misery and nothing but stunning!
  7. Strollers roll easily on the paved trail rolling along the rolling Quinebaug River in Thompson, Killingly & Putnam!
  8. Variety of trails & sites & maybe an opacum salamander to find in Opacum Woods!
  9. Plan to cover all 17.6 miles of the Natchaug Trail this year!
  10. Two Sisters Tract is a hidden treasure to trek in Chaplin, right along the Air Line Trail!

Fun things to do Museums

#5 Museums/Historic Sites

History is our story in The Last Green Valley and the revolutionary tales, places & events offer plenty of fun things to do as we step back in time.

  1. Reenact history during a living history event at the Ashbel Woodward Museum!
  2. March to Lebanon’s Revolutionary Green, topping off your visit to the Lebanon Historical Society Museum!
  3. Get your NPS passport stamped & learn about the Bowen family’s “Pink House” at Roseland Cottage!
  4. Walk the remains of the Huguenot Fort Site in Oxford.
  5. Thompson Historical Society has much information to share, online and during events!
  6. Dig up your family roots with the help of Killingly Historical & Genealogical Society!
  7. Huntington Homestead offers up a look at the home of who many consider the first president of the USA, with family-friendly program, too!
  8. Get the whole story of Clara Barton’s work. It is inspiring & amazing!
  9. CT’s state hero, Nathan Hale also hails from The Last Green Valley. Visit the Hale Homestead and eat fresh at the Coventry Farmers Market held there each Sunday!
  10. Revolutionary stories come out of the Jonathan Trumbull Jr. House Museum!

Fun things to do Nonprofits

#6 Nonprofits

The Last Green Valley is thankful to have strong nonprofit partners offering fun things to do as they do good work.

  1. Shop the Arc Emporium and donate your refundables at their Redemption Center!
  2. Hitchcock Free Academy is something amazing in Brimfield!
  3. Ask a boy scout to help you cross a street!
  4. Love water? Paddle over & join up with the Willimantic Whitewater Partnership!
  5. Help provide a hand up in our community with TEEG!
  6. Clean up the Norwich streets with Reliance Health & their partners!
  7. Be a fireman at the Huguenot Firefighter’s Museum!
  8. Train to tackle the trail for QVCC Foundation!
  9. Help every kid enjoy fitness & nutrition with Northeast Opportunities for Wellness!
  10. Girl Scouting is alive and well in The Last Green Valley!

Fun things to do Paddling

#7 Paddling

Rowing your boat and paddling along the rivers in The Last Green Valley, not only fun things to do, but offer a scenic and different point of view.

  1. Peaceful paddles await you on Morse Pond at the Claire Birtz Sanctuary!
  2. Seclusion & wildlife is all yours on the French River at Leovich Landing!
  3. Rent first to see what kayak suits you best at Lakeview Marine!
  4. Take a kayak journey along the Norwich Harbor Water Trail!
  5. The Quinebaug River National Recreation Water Trail calls you to 45 miles of paddling from Holland, MA to Canterbury, CT!
  6. Easy in, easy out, scenic & peaceful. Old Killingly Pond has that!
  7. Class II + rapids, rocks, strainers are for experts only on the Willi River from Heron Cove to Merrow Meadow!
  8. 3 ponds to choose in Bigelow Hollow, walk in to isolated Breakneck Pond to paddle in both MA & CT!
  9. The Shetucket River National Recreation Water Trail has lots of sections to explore in the 22 miles from Windham to Norwich.
  10. 125-acre Red Cedar Lake is calling from Lebanon!

Fun things to do Shopping

#8 Retail-Arts/Antiques/Uniques

Finding a treasure or the perfect gift, for yourself of someone else, such fun things to do as you shop local in The Last Green Valley.

  1. Enter the gate – the Garden Gate Florist shop in Woodstock!
  2. Hop into the Frog Rock Rest Stop!
  3. Uncork your inner artist, surprise yourself and create brilliance at Artique!
  4. Shop local creations online with Semaki & Bird!
  5. Sip a cup o’ joe, pull up a chair, sit back & relax at Booklover’s Gourmet!
  6. Tunk City Revival – a collection of local handmade artistry & perfect gifts for everyone!
  7. Be stunned by the Sunshine Shop’s creations & healthy plants!
  8. Sturbridge has shopping treasures, old & new. Sturbridge Tourist Association can connect you!
  9. Hoot it up, shopping locally at the Hoot Gifts!
  10. Fresh & local shopping is a yummy experience at the Willimantic Food Co-op!

Fun things to do Tastes & Sips

#9 Tastes/Sips

Modern day explorers in The Last Green Valley need to re-energize and dining out is another of the fun things to do whether you are starting or ending the day - or anytime in between.

  1. Mooove in to The Farmer’s Cow Calfe` to try the milk bar & more!
  2. To Bean or not to Bean? Always choose to Bean at the Vanilla Bean Café!
  3. Juice it up at Heirloom Food’s organic café!
  4. Dining. Events. Visit. Stay at the Publick House Historic Inn!
  5. Renee’s Working Girl Catering brings it to you – in delicious style!
  6. Vines, wines & pleasant times cultivated at Taylor Brooke Winery!
  7. Sip & taste locally in Willi Brew’s living landmark brew pub!
  8. Free books with every unique & yummy meal at the Traveler Restaurant!
  9. So much to do in Storrs. Refuel at Dog Lane Café. Come, sit, stay!
  10. Fine dining in a casual atmosphere found at 85 Main!

Fun things to do Volunteer

#10 Volunteer Opportunities

Raise your hand in The Last Green Valley and chip in where you can. Giving back is meaningful, makes a difference and offers more fun things to do while doing good.

  1. Rangers attend local town days, festivals & fairs!
  2. Cleanup your town!
  3. Water Quality Monitoring – make a difference!
  4. Attend an Acorn Adventure!
  5. Become a museum docent!
  6. Provide a presentation to a civic group!
  7. Assist a local nonprofit!
  8. Serve on a town committee, like a conservation commission!
  9. Join your town’s historical society & pitch in!
  10.  Plan to offer & lead a Walktober!