Historical Collaboration Continues in The Last Green Valley with Dr. Ashbel Woodward!

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Historical Collaboration Continues in The Last Green Valley with Dr. Ashbel Woodward!

History is our story in The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor.  To help preserve and pass on compelling stories, The Last Green Valley, Inc. (TLGV) and the Friends of Ashbel Woodward Museum are up next to host the fourth quarterly program of the year to share resources and expertise.  Each quarter, volunteers and staff from different historical societies, libraries, and other like-minded individuals and organizations present their specialties so that all participants can learn from each other instead of duplicating efforts and energies.

The Friends of Ashbel Woodward Museum will host the next session on Saturday, December 10th, from 2-4 p.m.  at the Museum located at 387 Route 32, Franklin, CT (with access & parking via Plains Road only, using the same entrance as the State of Connecticut’s Wildlife Management Agency.)  The Ashbel Woodward Museum was once the home of the town physician, a noted local historian, antiquarian, Civil War veteran and author. Woodward lived in Franklin from 1830 to 1885. His home was acquired and restored by the Town of Franklin as a repository for collections and information relating to the history of the town and the community, and as a site for special historical events. Attend and enjoy a presentation by Friends of Ashbel Woodward Museum featuring Christmas in the 19th Century and Dr. Woodward’s legacy and impact on the medical community of the day.

Contact Marcy at 860-774-3300 or email Marcy@tlgv.org to RSVP, to learn more, or to host a historical collaboration session!

The Last Green Valley’s Facebook page and website, www.thelastgreenvalley.org, offer information about TLGV programs, volunteer opportunities, partnerships, contests, an events calendar and more.  The Last Green Valley is a National Heritage Corridor – the last stretch of dark night sky in the coastal sprawl between Boston and Washington, D.C.  The Last Green Valley works for you in the National Heritage Corridor. We help you to care for it, enjoy it and pass it on!


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