Boston Turnpike Trail & Greenway

Boston Turnpike Trail & Greenway – Stand on the ONLY remaining unaltered portion of an early road system that first connected cities & towns during colonial times, first established under King Charles II of Britain and followed trails laid out much earlier by Native Americans, mainly for carrying the mail. In 1673 it took about a month for a letter to go from New York to Boston, by horseback and later by stage coach. Farmers also used to get their goods to markets. Vital for moving troops during colonial wars and the American Revolution. Tolls were born for upkeep of the roads and became known as turnpikes” because of the turnstiles where travelers paid. Note the old roadway still maintains its crown at the center, so water can drain. Cattle had to keep off the main road on the other side of stone walls. Pass through the Natchaug State Forest and over privately owned land, whose owners who have given their permission for the public to use this trail. Be respectful. The portion of the trail between Old Colony Road and State Forest Road passes through a typical maple/oak/hickory forest. Near State Forest Road, pass through wetland habitat. A small bridge & short length of boardwalk have been constructed (by Conservation Commission member, Thomas DeJohn) to ease your passage through these areas. See website for more. No fee.”

Park in unpaved area at Rte. 198 adjacent to John Perry Rd. Trail also accessible off Old Colony Rd.  


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86 John Perry Road
Eastford, CT 06242