Willimantic River NRT – Merrow Meadow to River Park

Willimantic River NRT – Merrow Meadow to River Park: Parking for 10 or more cars and a good location for a family outings with walking trails and a nicely maintained park.
The paddle to River Park is 3 miles long and for experienced paddlers. You’ll encounter 2 islands on this stretch. Approach the second island slowly. The quickest route is on the left, but it is narrow and can get blocked with trees. The right side can be shallow. Below this island, after a straight-away, beware of a sharp right turn where the current can range from mild to strong, pushing you to river left. This area has strong eddies and a number of bends. The current begins to slow as you pass under Route 44 approaching the River Park landing (river left). No fee.


  • Paddling


Merrow Rd.
Mansfield, CT 06268