Willimantic River NRT – River Park to Eagleville Lake, Mansfield

Willimantic River NRT – River Park to Eagleville Lake, Mansfield: 10+ spaces and a nicely landscaped circular drive for easy access unloading boats near the launch.
River Park in Mansfield is just upstream of the point where the river becomes an impoundment behind Eagleville Dam. Access for car-top carriers is excellent; the concrete ramp is smooth and wide and the gradual slope to the water’s edge makes getting in and out of boats easy. This is the best launch site on the river for novice paddlers and those unfamiliar with paddling in current. The spacious and well-groomed launch site, plus the adjacent playing field, makes it an ideal site for outings with kids. Paddling upstream you will encounter some current, but it’s worth the extra effort to explore in this direction until the current gets the best of you. Since the river becomes an impoundment downstream of the launch, this is a good place for a loop trip with no worries about current; just be aware of wind on the lake. 1.4 miles one way to Eagleville Lake. To portage Eagleville Dam, take out on river left. Parking and a take-out also available river right. No fee.