The fall season means Walktober in The Last Green Valley

The fall season means Walktober in The Last Green Valley

September 22 is the Autumnal Equinox – the official end of summer and start of the fall season. Already the mornings are cooler and soon we’ll begin to see a bit of color on the leaves. The first trees to show fall foliage color are red maples that line swamps and wetland areas, followed by sugar maples, birches, hickories and eventually oaks. Deciduous trees are the dominant tree type in southern New England and the color they impart each fall reminds us how lucky we are to live here — to witness again the extraordinary beauty that only nature can bring.

For 30 years this region has celebrated the fall season with a singular event that draws thousands of residents and visitors to the outdoors. Originally called Walking Weekend, the event grew from a single October weekend to two Walking WeekendS, and eventually expanded to the entire month of October. Now called Walktober, this year it kicks off on September 17 and concludes November 1.

As you can imagine, Walktober 2020 will be different than we had envisioned when we began planning. This year it is smaller and more focused on the outdoors with more than 130 unique opportunities for you to explore our National Heritage Corridor, either from the comfort of your home, or in person. Many of the opportunities are guided by volunteers, some are DIY (Do It Yourself) and some are virtual. Each helps us celebrate the special natural and cultural resources that define our region and is also testament to the resilience and passion of people that call The Last Green Valley home.

Walktober is your opportunity to find beautiful hikes and paddles and new ways to explore our region’s history. There are farm-to-table meals and opportunities to celebrate and experience our agricultural traditions. There are Walktobers that illustrate the troubles our world is experiencing today are not so different than the issues previous generations faced.

All the information you need to experience the 30th year of Walktober can be found at the TLGV website. You can also get the printed Walktober guide by calling The Last Green Valley at 860-774-3300. Guides have also been placed at most of our region’s town halls and libraries. The online version can be found at:

In these challenging times, it is important that you check the online guide for any changes or cancellations before you head out on a Walktober adventure. Additional walks will be posted there, too. The online guide will also provide you with information about where you can shop and enjoy refreshments or a meal. We hope you’ll join us for Walktober, explore the National Heritage Corridor and support local businesses too.

Walktober 2020 is almost here and so too is your opportunity to enjoy the glorious fall season in The Last Green Valley. I hope you join us as we care for it, enjoy it, and pass it on.

Bill Reid is the Chief Ranger of The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor and has lived in the region for more than 35 years. He can be reached at



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