The Night Sky Over The Last Green Valley


The Night Sky Over The Last Green Valley

On Tuesday, August 18, from 8 – 11 pm, join us as Astronomer Geoff McLean and members of the Thames Amateur Astronomical Society share with us the wonders of The Last Green Valley dark night sky. Geoff will set up in a dark field near the West Thompson Dam to provide excellent views of some of the night sky’s deep space objects. For example NGC457, the “Owl Cluster” is a favorite of Geoff’s and is truly breathtakingly beautiful.

The evening will begin with a viewing of Saturn and the moon by 8:30 or so with deep sky objects around 9:45. Although not at its closest, Saturn is always a special treat to see. The moon’s waxing crescent at 17% should reveal awesome craters near the terminator, but it sets at 9:38 so don’t be late.

The Last Green Valley is the last dark sky in the Boston to Washington corridor, so come out and enjoy a night of awesome stars, first American constellation stories, and trivia on a galactic scale that will amaze you.

There is no charge for this event for TLGV members and guests but please RSVP so we’ll know how many people are coming. You’ll want to bring a flashlight since the dark sky field is about 200 yards from the parking area. You may want to bring a camp or lawn chair and make sure to bring bug repellent too.  If approaching the observing site after dark please extinguish white lights. Please use red lights only. Red cellophane over the top of white lights works well. This will ensure that everyone retains their night vision.

For information or to RSVP please contact Bill Reid, Chief Ranger at 860-774-3300 or via e-mail at


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