TLGV Calendar Photo Contest!

Old Farm Truck by Sandee Harraden, 2105 TLGV Calendar Photo Contest Winner

TLGV Calendar Photo Contest!

TLGV has announced a search to find inspiring photographs that celebrate life and capture the unique spirit of the National Heritage Corridor. Every year the organization produces an informative calendar with great pictures, moon phases, and interesting tidbits about the history, flora and fauna of The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor. The 2016 TLGV Calendar will feature photographs submitted during this summer’s Calendar Photo Contest.

The TLGV Calendar is a full 8.5 by 11 inches, printed in color on high quality paper. The back cover includes a map of the National Heritage Corridor with additional information. The 2016 TLGV Calendar will be available through the TLGV online shop, with all proceeds supporting the programs and projects of the nonprofit.

A total of 13 photos will illustrate the calendar, including a special spotlight on one chosen for the cover. Winners who submitted the photos chosen for each month will be given 6 copies of the 2016 TLGV Calendar and their photo will be printed with their name and photo title. The photographer selected to illustrate the cover will also be featured in a press release about the calendar, in addition to receiving 12 copies of the 2016 TLGV Calendar.

Each photograph must be in color digital format, sized to 8 x 10 inches, and at least 300 d.p.i. The subject must have something to do with the exceptional natural, historic, and cultural resources of The Last Green Valley. The photo can be a close up, long shot, aerial shot – but convey the special quality of our beautiful region. We welcome photos of people enjoying the National Heritage Corridor, but must have the subject’s permission in order to publish the photo.

Contestants are asked to fill out one 2016 TLGV Calendar Photo Contest Form per photo submitted and deliver them via email. There is a limit of three entries per person. All submissions will become the property of The Last Green Valley, Inc.

Submissions are due by email no later than noon on August 14, 2015. Send to, subject line “Calendar Photo Contest.”  For more information, please call 860-774-3300 or send questions to, subject “Calendar Photo Contest.”

Old Farm Truck by Sandee Harraden, 2015 TLGV Calendar Photo Contest Winner

Old Farm Truck by Sandee Harraden, 2015 TLGV Calendar Photo Contest Winner


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