The Last Green Valley Has Many Thanks to Give


The Last Green Valley Has Many Thanks to Give

The Last Green Valley Has Many Thanks to Give

             Thanksgiving has been celebrated nationally since 1789 and was proclaimed a federal holiday in 1863. Although The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor was officially designated by congress in 1994, much of the unique 35 town region remains as it was back in early days of Thanksgiving. That is just one of the things that The Last Green Valley, Inc. (TLGV) is thankful for!

Grateful for the help of TLGV members, Rangers, business and nonprofit partners, Walktober teams, town leaders and all of their volunteers, TLGV was able to rack up major accomplishments this year. Collaboration is something that TLGV speaks of often, and it brings their mission of working together to care for, enjoy and pass on the National Heritage Corridor to life.

These dependable and generous folks jumped in to a plethora of activities.

Mid-winter eagle survey teams fanned out along the waters to count eagles and then reported findings to the state.

Cleanups in the spring were bountiful and many were repeated throughout the summer and fall as volunteers collected ton after ton of rubbish throughout the region.

An new and updated Explore! guide was produced and distributed in and out of the 35 town region, thanks to TLGV delivery ambassadors! Business partners and nonprofits, along with state and federal parks, conservation and land trust lands added valuable content to make to both visitors and residents venture out to become modern day explorers.

Over 3,000 children were visited in schools, scout groups and summer camps by the School Watershed Outreach program, with the goal of having the youth take pride and ownership of our natural resources starting at a young age.

Once festival and fair season hit, TLGV Rangers did what they do best. The feet on the street attended close to 100 events throughout the 35 town region.

The waters were tested by well-trained water quality teams, who submit their valuable findings to the state. Otherwise, there would be no data available from most our region.

Board members and multiple committee members met, planned, and made vital decisions to keep TLGV on track to accomplish their vision and mission.

Member Programs, Acorn Adventures, Ranger Topic Talks, and contests galore were enjoyed every month!

Farms and chefs donated product, time and talents to TLGV’s biggest fundraiser of the year, the delicious Tastes of the Valley.

Walktober continued amazing growth during its 26th year, with over 270 adventures to choose from. This happened thanks to all the volunteer leaders, organizations and businesses that step up to lead, teach and entertain!

Thanksgiving inspires thoughts of food, parades, family and celebration. TLGV could not agree more, as they are thankful for the collaboration and comradery that is shared in The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor.  It is indeed something to celebrate and be thankful for all year long!

The Last Green Valley is a National Heritage Corridor – the last stretch of dark night sky in the coastal sprawl between Boston and Washington, D.C.  The Last Green Valley works for you in the National Heritage Corridor. We help you to care for it, enjoy it and pass it on.


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