Spring Outdoors! A New Program is Coming to The Last Green Valley!

spring outdoors

Spring Outdoors! A New Program is Coming to The Last Green Valley!

Walktober was a tremendous success this past fall, with more than 200 opportunities for people to enjoy all of our wonderful resources. Land trusts and conservation commissions hosted many walks and were able to highlight their conservation and stewardship efforts. Some land trusts were able to grow their membership by offering “join today” membership discounts and other special offers during their walks.

The Last Green Valley, Inc. (TLGV) has been asked many times whether we could coordinate a program similar to Walktober in the spring.

YES – 2016 is the year we will start – and we invite you to join us for “Spring Outdoors!”

Our plan is to develop a web-based brochure (that can be downloaded and printed) and to heavily publicize all of the spring walks through press releases, Facebook and other social media posts, paid advertisements, and radio and TV appearances. We had extensive, positive media coverage during Walktober, and hope we can bundle enough walks together to generate the same kind of interest this spring.

It’s the perfect opportunity for Land Trusts and Conservation Commissions to showcase interesting features, stories, or management strategies on their properties, and to attract new people who might be interested in conservation. Our goal is to have at least one walk, and hopefully more, on every weekend in April and May.

If your Land Trust or Conservation Commission is interested in hosting, please email marcy@tlgv.org for a form. We ask that you return the form by March 1. Please try to remain slightly flexible, as we want to ensure that none of the walks conflict with each other.

Walkers & Hikers! Stay tuned! Walks are already coming in, and we’ll have information for you coming soon!

Thank you all for helping us build a new spring program that has the potential to increase publicity for land protection efforts and to increase the number of landowners interested in conserving their properties.

Together we can care for, enjoy, and pass on The Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor!


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